Tannis Babos’s professional portfolio has afforded her the opportunity to cultivate a wide variety of skills and experiences ranging from Military Service, a degree in Early Childhood Development, Outreach counsellor, Employment Specialist, NCSO in the oil and gas industry and Life Coaching.

This gives Tannis a valuable insight and knowledge to the needs of her clients.

Tannis is driven by a desire to empower and help others in finding solutions and answers to their unique circumstances.

She also understands the challenge and perils facing us today and the need for having insurance.

Tannis took her entrepreneurial spirit and passion of Life Coaching to the world of Insurance in 2019. She follows the company’s vision and core values. Tannis has built a reputation for outstanding consistency and service for helping others.

Tannis has a love for animals, camping, loves to watch bull riding and rodeo.

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