Income Protection

Pays up to $2000 per month, starting the very FIRST day!

Accidents & Sickness don't knock on the door before they come in ...

What are the Benefits of owning a plan like this?

No Waiting Period!


If you get sick or injured this
policy pays Day 1!

Coverage 24/7
World wide protection

You are covered at work, at home at play and anywhere in between.

Partial Disability for first 30 days

Get up to $2000 for first 30 days if partially disabled.

Own the policy until 75 years old

You can take this policy into your retirement.

Pays in addition to any other benefits

It doesn't matter if you have Worker's Compensation, group benefits or any government employment insurance, these benefits pay in addition.

Premiums cannot be increased

Your premium cannot be cancelled or increased due to the number of claims you make.

Back to work benefit

Once you have been totally disabled, you can claim 50% of benefit as you get back to work for 30 days.

Accumulation of Benefit period up to 24 months

Every year you own the policy, an additional month is added to your benefit period at no extra cost until it reaches 24 months.

Can qualify without income source

Students or stay at home parents can apply for a base amount of disability protection even without income source.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can own an individual policy between the ages of 16 years and 69 years without the ROP rider or between 16 and 54 years with the ROP rider.

You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who maintains a permanent residence in Canada. You must read and speak English or French, and  be between 16 years and 69 years.

All premiums paid will be issued back to the insured, minus any claims after the 20 year term.  

No.  The company cannot increase your premium due to the number of claims you file. 

The policy terminates at age 85. 

Pays up to $2000 per month for each accident or sickness, starting the very first day you can’t work. 


Pays up to $2000 for the first 30 days if you are partially disabled.


If you still cannot work full-time after total disability , the Return to Work benefit pays up to $1000 (50% of benefit chosen) for a maximum of 30 days. 

Premiums are based on the benefit selected at time of application, which is also dependent on gross income.  Age is a factor when applying for Sickness coverage.   

Yes, participating in any sport or occupation does not exclude you from the protection provided by the features of this plan. 

Pre authorized withdrawal from a checking account is set up during the application process for the initial premium which comes out within 3 – 5 days of application submission and the recurring premium which comes out on the selected preferred billing date. 

We are here to support you for the lifetime of you owning policies with us!