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Pays up to $2000 per month, starting the very FIRST day!

Accidents & Sickness don't knock on the door before they come in ...

What are the Benefits of owning a plan like this?


If you get sick or injured this
policy pays Day 1!

Coverage 24/7
World wide protection

You are covered at work, at home at play and anywhere in between.

Partial Disability for first 30 days

Get up to $2000 for first 30 days if partially disabled.

Own the policy until 75 years old

You can take this policy into your retirement.

Pays in addition to any other benefits

It doesn't matter if you have Worker's Compensation, group benefits or any government employment insurance, these benefits pay in addition.

Premiums cannot be increased

Your premium cannot be cancelled or increased due to the number of claims you make.

Back to work benefit

Once you have been totally disabled, you can claim 50% of benefit as you get back to work for 30 days.

Accumulation of Benefit period up to 24 months

Every year you own the policy, an additional month is added to your benefit period at no extra cost until it reaches 24 months.

Can qualify without income source

Students or stay at home parents can apply for a base amount of disability protection even without income source.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can own an individual policy between the ages of 16 years and 69 years without the ROP rider or between 16 and 54 years with the ROP rider.

You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who maintains a permanent residence in Canada. You must read and speak English or French, and  be between 16 years and 69 years.

All premiums paid will be issued back to the insured, minus any claims after the 20 year term.  

No.  The company cannot increase your premium due to the number of claims you file. 

The policy terminates at age 85. 

Pays up to $2000 per month for each accident or sickness, starting the very first day you can’t work. 


Pays up to $2000 for the first 30 days if you are partially disabled.


If you still cannot work full-time after total disability , the Return to Work benefit pays up to $1000 (50% of benefit chosen) for a maximum of 30 days. 

Premiums are based on the benefit selected at time of application, which is also dependent on gross income.  Age is a factor when applying for Sickness coverage.   

Yes, participating in any sport or occupation does not exclude you from the protection provided by the features of this plan. 

Pre authorized withdrawal from a checking account is set up during the application process for the initial premium which comes out within 3 – 5 days of application submission and the recurring premium which comes out on the selected preferred billing date. 

After having been rear ended by someone who was texting while driving, I was able to claim with my disability policy for the three weeks I was unable to perform my usual duties at work. It was paid in addition to my group plan and really helped to pay the bills. Thank goodness I had supplemental insurance!

Cailey S.

Office worker

Insurance companies generally have a period of time after an accident where the customer can put in a claim. Gerald from Red Deer, didn't know he even had a policy because his wife, who handled all the financial matters had passed away the year before he fell down the garage steps and broke his neck. I was able to put a claim in for an accident that happened 3 years previous. The company had a benefit cheque of over $24,000 in less than 30 days! What company does that? It absolutely helped me understand how we are different than any other in the industry. ​

Angela D.


With Supplemental Insurance the claims have been really straightforward and my agent has been there every time I needed guidance. I put in two separate claims, one from a concussion and the other having broken my arm really bad, needing surgery. I don't know how I would have survived financially without the coverage - I am a farrier for my main income and it was impossible to work for quite a few months. I highly recommend this coverage to anyone who wants to be sure they will get paid when they claim.

Nick P.

Farrier - Saddlebronc Rider

After being hit on the head with a steel rack that fell off the wall at my shop - I ended up with a huge gash that required staples and had a mild concussion. With the help of the agent the benefit was $4200 - I highly recommend Supplemental Insurance to everyone!!

Jessica H.

Business Owner/Equestrian

I have had to claim numerous times with my policies and the process was pretty simple. Got paid quickly and it sure helped. I know they have my back in case anything happens! Got my son and his family hooked up with complete family coverage as well!

Adam S.


I honestly can't believe what I was paid in benefits when I smashed my thumb into a steel pole while shopping Christmas Eve day. I had a chip on the bone, ended up losing my nail - got $4200 for the broken bone and another $6000 for the disability claim. That one claim paid for all my policies for years! Well worth it!!

Quinton K.

Manager Tire Craft

I needed a wisdom tooth pullled - and with outpatient surgery - I was covered with two of my policies and ended up with a total of $3100. This was incredibly important as I could not even talk for about 10 days or so. I also claimed when I had some warts removed, chipped a tooth on a piece of popcorn kernal. The converage is really amazing - "black and white" so to speak! So happy I was introduced to what supplemental insurance is all about!

Angela D.

Insurance Agent

I've had to use my coverage now twice. And both times was paid my claim based on the policies I had. The really important part is having the agent who sold me the policies there to guide me along the way - making the claims process much easier. Thank you Supplemental Insurance!

Ann W.

Self Employed - Building Maintenance

I got coverage years ago and have had numerous claims. Broken bones - and one time ended up in the hospital for almost 30 days - had almost $30,000 benefit from that claim. Then ended up with a heart attack , in ICU and the hospital and got paid out on my Disability policy as well as Critical Illness. My Bank sold me Critical Illness as well - and they wouldn't pay out - I had to get a lawyer. Then I ended up with a blood cancer and have spend numerous days in ICU and the hospital for treatment - This Company paid every time and in fact - I am pretty sure I am up to $140,000 in claims so far! They don't raise the premium or cancel just cause you have gotten lots of benefit. I wouldn't be surviving without it!

Chris H.

Construction Owner

I can't believe how incredible the coverage from this Company has been - I slipped on some wet grass and pulled my rotator cuff on my shoulder! I had disability claims that paid for all the months leading to the surgery date. Then the outpatient claim paid for the surgery! It was a real blessing to be able to rest easy about paying bills while I was struggling with this injury.

Brian S.

Financial Advisor - Farmer

I am so grateful to have this insurance coverage. I have had to use it for a situation with high blood pressure that came on suddenly. The doctor couldn't get it under control - so the claim had to continue through a couple of months. I don't know what I would have done to pay bills since I couldn't do what I usually did to make income. So glad I had my agent to help in the process - it made all the difference in the world!

Bev O.


How amazing is it when your child ends up in the hospital for a few days - and you have coverage that pays for every day plus recovery! That really helped with the time I needed off work to take care of him! Now I am expecting our third child and with the family plan - our new baby is covered at birth. Such "peace of mind".

Brittiny K.

Mother - Court Administrator

After having fallen off a lift - I injured my ribs and spent over 20 hours in emergency. With my hospitalization policy I received a hospital benefit plus a minimum day 10 recovery benefit and was sent a cheque for $3300. It sure helped to pay bills over the next month. Glad I had the coverage.

Bill K.

Contractor - Farmer

I had never heard of insurance coverage that protects the whole family - but it made sense, so we got accident and sickness coverage for the whole family. When our oldest son fell at the playground and broke his arm - and we got a cheque for $2100 - I became a true believer! Everyone needs to look at this insurance! It just makes sense in today's world - and costs so little!!!

Chad D.

Senior Manager - Father

Supplemental Insurance is than anything else

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