Design your life with freedom, growth, and purpose!

Have you ever had true freedom to design your work environment?

Have you ever had a position that was filled with personal growth and professional mastery?

Have you ever had a position that truly served people when they need it the most?

Our core values

If you align with these, and are ready for something challenging, rewarding, self-driven, and neighborly, then this may be for you.



Our mission is to help end financial hardship due to accident and illness in Canada.


We care about families and want to make sure that they can be together during times of the unexpected. While enjoying the moments that make up life.
We like to have fun! And we want to make sure those who like to have fun are protected too. So that they can worry less and live more.


We believe in freedom. Freedom to work effectively, efficiently, and with great skill to bring the best results personally and with clients.

If this is you, and you are looking to help people in your neighborhood, and across your province, let’s connect. We would love to have a conversation!

At the most basic of levels to be considered for our team, there are three considerations.

Do you have:

  1. A good financial standing?
  2. A vehicle available for full time use?
  3. Are you bondable?

With these minimum requirements met, we would like to meet with you and find out if we are both a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us.

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I enjoy helping and watching others grow the same way I was and still am helped to this day. We have a very special culture that we strive to instill in all new success seekers.



I love the diversity and freedom!

Having an opportunity without limits is amazing!! You can genuinely create a life, most only dream about! All while offering one of the most affordable yet comprehensive and helpful products in the market today!



My favourite thing is I love working with everyone. To be associated with a quality group of people is amazing!!


I love that after just over 4 years of being in this business and serving clients, this opportunity has given me financial freedom. Right now, my passive income exceeds my monthly expenses. So by some definitions, I am rich.



Yes, I am interested in knowing more.

Yes! I want to work with you if I am selected.

Yes! I am excited.

Yes! I meet the minimum qualifications mentioned above.

Yes! I may have a question or two along the way, but let’s get started anyway.