Cancer ~ Heart Attack ~ Stroke

Protect your Financial Future during uncertain times...

Concentrate on Recovery & Healing rather than finances ...

1 in 2 Albertan’s will be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime ...
Heart Attack and Stroke are on the rise ?
Are you protected?

What are the Benefits of owning a plan like this?

Extremely Affordable ! Family Plan Available!

Approval based on Health Questionarre

No Medical exam needed. Underwritten in head office.

Return of Premium option

When you have owned the policy for 10 years or more and die from some other cause than one of the covered conditions, all premiums paid, are returned to your Beneficiary.

Cancer only
Or Cancer~Heart Attack~Stroke

You can chose from two options. If you don’t qualify due to a pre existing Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, you may qualify for one of the other plans.

Own this policy for your entire life

Unlike, Group Insurance, you "own" this policy for your entire life.

Best Doctors Service Included

With a single call to Best Doctors, you can have a team of experts to guide you through the health care system to get the best diagnosis, treatment and support.

Premiums cannot be increased

Your premium cannot be cancelled or increased due to the number of claims you make. Lock it in today!

Cancer Outpatient, Chemotherapy or Surgery Benefit

No matter if you are taking Chemo at home or in a hospital, each day is covered with an automatic recovery period.

Recovery Benefit

Automatic Recovery Benefit attached to hospital stay or treatment days (in case of cancer) based on 3X number of days in hospital (total disability)

Family Plans

A family can cover everyone for one low premium - which qualifies children to own individual plan at age 23 no matter what their health. Imagine, your whole family with coverage for as low as $34/month?


Most frequent questions and answers

You can own an individual policy between the ages of 18 and 70 years old.    Families can be covered with the children between ages of 15 days and 17 years inclusive. 

You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who maintains a permanent residence in Canada. You must read and speak English or French, and  be between 18 years and 70 years.

You can own this policy for your lifetime – you can claim for EVERY occurrence of covered condition that results in a hospital stay – or in the case of cancer, any outpatient treatment or surgery, up to 365 days for each condition.  

This is an option available at an additional cost. 

In the event of death of the primary insured or spouse (if family plan is selected), 

for any reason other than a covered loss and if the policy has been in force for at 

least 10 consecutive years, we will return all premiums paid for this policy less any 

benefits paid under the policy.

Premiums will be returned to the Insured’s beneficiary or if no beneficiary has been 

named, to the Insured’s estate.


Best Doctors brings together the best medical minds in the world to help you get the right diagnosis, treatment and information when you’re facing any type or degree of medical uncertainty.
Best Doctors will help you:
• Get the right diagnosis, treatment and information;
• Obtain an expert opinion;
• Find a specialist within or outside Canada;
• Navigate the health care system;
• Understand your medical condition.
One call to Best Doctors and a Member Advocate, a Registered Nurse, becomes
your personal health ambassador, reaching out to the medical community on your
behalf and in complement of the care you receive from your own physician.

Our comprehensive coverage provides daily benefits for Cancer, Heart Attack and 

Stroke.  Heart Attack and Stroke include all benefits except Outpatient Coverage.

Let’s start with one of the world’s most serious and expensive diseases … Cancer


Should you be confined overnight as an inpatient in a hospital anywhere in 

Canada or the United States, and you are totally disabled because of a covered 

cancer, we will pay you … either $100/day or $200/day (depending on chosen plan)

Your benefits begin on the very first day, provided you qualify, and are paid for 

each day you are hospitalized … up to 365 days.


Should you be totally disabled following a period of a covered hospital 

confinement as an inpatient, we will continue to pay you … for up to three times 

the number of days you were in the hospital.

This benefit is payable to you while you are recovering at home or anywhere.

For example, if you were confined to a hospital for 5 days, we would pay you for 

up to 15 days of TOTAL DISABILITY after hospitalization.



If you require outpatient surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, because of 

a covered cancer we pay …

… for the day of each such surgery or treatment and for up to a maximum of 365 



Should you be totally disabled following outpatient surgery or treatment, we will 

continue to pay you for up to three times the number of treatment days received. 

For example, if you had 3 days of outpatient treatment, we would pay you for up 

to 9 days of total disability.


Premiums are based on the benefit selected at time of application, age of client as well as your Health situation. 

Pre authorized withdrawal from a checking account is set up during the application process for the initial premium which comes out within 3 – 5 days of application submission.  Once the underwriting department has completed their review of the application, it is issued, if there are any changes to the premium, you will be notified in writing and need to approve any changes.  If application is declined, your initial Premium is returned to you.

We are here to support you for the lifetime of you owning policies with us!