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Hospitalization & Outpatient Surgery/Fracture

Disability Income Protection

Critical Illness

Cancer - Heart Attack - Stroke Protection

Outpatient Surgery Protection

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

What Others Say ...

If you are going to spend your hard earned money on Personal Protection - you want 100% Certainty that when you claim you get paid!

What is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental Insurance is Different than anything else

Here's how:

Based on a family of four or more huge savings!  In fact an entire family can be covered for as little as $112/month for both accident and sickness base plan.  Or Cancer care plus – for as little as $34/month.  (Oldest in the family is less than 35 years old)  

You can decide on different benefits for each policy based on need and budget.  Get balanced coverage with both Accident and Sickness or Cancer Care plus or Critical illness.  Add a Disability policy that matches your needs for income to pay the bills with no waiting period. 

Allows for flexibility with benefits and allows for Accident coverage even if you don’t qualify for Sickness.  You can choose different benefits for each!  

Unlike the industry, our insurance benefits DO NOT integrate with other insurance benefits.  It pays on top of anything else.  You can literally get more in benefits than you make in a month (Example:  30 days in hospital with our top accident or sickness plan will give you up to $36,000 in benefits)

Unlike, group insurance, EI or Worker’s Compensation, you will OWN this insurance for as long as the policy is in effect, locking in your premium, and taking it with you whether you are working or not.  

Unlike most insurance, the benefits are “black and white” – there are no hidden components to the policies – what you see is what you get!  No surprises at claim time!  

We are here to support you for the lifetime of you owning policies with us!